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Kratom Testimonials

Mi Story

In an effort to combat the stigma surrounding Kratom, MI Botanicals has created the addition of "MI Story". Beginning November 2019, stories of Kratom experiences and activists who fight for Kratom rights, will be published on our page and included in our newsletter 

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Erica's Story
Erica Windle, Oklahoma

       My Kratom story begins in September of 2017, a few months after I had been arrested for prescription dui, after picking my children up from school. A few months earlier I was a monthly patient of 3 separate Drs, 2 of which were specialist. I was being prescribed 9 medications a month, 6 of which were narcotics.

     I was a dedicated mother and wife but, a struggling patient. This served as a major turning point in my life, as well as the lives of my husband, children and the entire rest of my immediate family. I was forced to fight for my children and right to be a mother because of the care I received from multiple Drs. It’s now known that I had begun having seizures as a result of being overprescribed by not one, not two but, three separate physicians.

     After my arrest I immediately stopped taking all prescribed medications in an effort to prove myself to state officials in many different positions. All the while suffering in pain. I was assumed an addict and Seen as an unfit and uncaring mother. It took everything I had within me not to believe the cruel and inaccurate things that were not just said of me but, forced upon me to admit as factual to rectify the situation. The legal system did not view me as a person, merely a statistic.

     One thing I did have going for me was a family that rallied around me with support. It was through my brother in law that I was introduced to kratom in September 2017. I was skeptical but also fearful all things considered. After some research and time spent digging beyond the propaganda I took my first dose and realized that my years of suffering had quickly come to an end.

     For me, kratom doesn’t just control my pain. It has completely done away with my anxiety. Kratom has given me back the life that I thought was gone forever. It’s given my husband back his wife and children a functioning, capable mother far beyond what pharmaceuticals ever allowed.

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