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Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree native to the high tropics. Indigenous to Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and the Philippines. Kratom trees grow to between 4 and 16 meters in height. The leaves, once harvested, can be dried and processed into a powder for further use.



Strains often denote geographical origins as the strains may vary by region. Strain names are also influenced by shape or hybrid attributes. The shape of the leaves represented in the name is referred to as Horned. Hybrid Attributes having been indicated highlights the process used of grafting multiple strains to reach the desired result. Each strain has unique characteristics that set it apart in potency and effect. 

Bali -

Most popular strain, known for its strike of balance between energy boost and pain relief.


Bentuganie -

Known for pain relief, as well as calming, relaxing and sleep-inducing.


Borneo -

Rich in alkaloids known for the combination of analgesic and sedative effects making it very therapeutic.

HL Maeng Da -

This is a variant hybrid of "Maeng Da". (see below)

Hulu Kaupus -

Grown in Borneo and known for being very energizing. As well as uplifting while still relaxing.

Indo -

Known for promoting a feeling of well-being, relaxation and pain relief, and for being less stimulating than other strains.

Maeng Da -

Highly Potent. Brings what one would expect in pain relief from Kratom while being very stimulating without any of the jittery side effects. 

Malay -

Nice balance between stimulating and sedative with a relaxing finish. Known as being second only to Maeng Da.

Riau -

From the Riau province in Indonesia this more rare strain known for its sweet smell and much less bitter taste while not sacrificing any potency.

Thai -

Known for stimulation and euphoria in its less mature stage and in its most mature stage more known for pain relief.

Sumatra -

This strain existent for thousands of years in Indonesia, known for its rather long-lasting effects when compared to traditional kratom. Great for lessening anxiety, and feeling relaxed.


Known for strong pain relief while also carrying the ability to help one's mood or ability to sleep.



The vein color of kratom most often is simply a measure of how matured the leaves were at the time at which they were harvested from the tree. Different maturation levels can provide differing effects. Red having had the most time to mature and white having had the least.


Red is the most widely available Kratom Strain on the market. The harvested Kratom leaves are rich with red veins and stems.  This is a great place to start for beginners as it is said to induced a calming effect. Those who use this strain have stated it has been used to relieve pain, aide sleep and give a general sense of peace.  


White is known by many as a stimulant. Believed by many to give euphoric feelings or energetic energy. Often used in replacement of Caffeine to boost concentration abilities and alertness. If this is taken later in the day it commonly paired with a red strain to keep in balance the stability of energy and mood. 



Green has characteristics of other strains but with unique differences that make it appealing for many. It provides energy but has also been utilized for pain relief. The common understanding would be that it can be used in replacement of other pain relief supplements but without the drowsy effect.



Yellow is very similar to Green in effect. It has been made from red that is either aged, dried longer or fermented. Variant by strain, it is known to boost energy & concentration and also aide in pain relief. This is Quality Harvested Kratom. A potent strain and houses the potential to aide many. 


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